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Här hittar du maskiner och verktyg

High quality tools and machines from Lititz


I have the agency for tools and machines from Lititz Company.

If you need a pressurtester, you have here some really great machines with fantastic quality and to a much much better price then other brands.

I can deliver to bouth inside and outside of Europe, just mail me and I will come back to you with price of shippment and price of the machine that you are interested of.

You can also look at the short movies about the machines at the bottom of this page.

First we have a tester who goes down to 125Bars.

Diver 125

You can buy the Lititz Diver 125 from me and it is a wet Pressure Tester to check the water resistance of wrist watches to a pressure of 125 atmospheres (bar) or 1250 meters below sea level.

Its also possible to get this model in a bigger size so that you can test up to 20 watches at the same time.

  • Rugged anodized aluminum construction
  • 2" (50 mm) chamber depth
  • 2.5" (63 mm) chamber diameter
  • Maximum pressure 125 BAR/ATM
  • Size 8" (20 cm) high, 11" (28 cm) wide, 4" (10 cm) deep
  • Weight 14 pounds (6.4 Kg)
  • Made in the USA


The Matador ultrasonic watch and small parts cleaner is the ultimate in manual watch cleaning machines. It consists of four stainless steel cleaning/rinsing cups with one moveable ultrasonic transducer head and a variable speed/variable temperature dryer. Small 8 oz. cup size for economical cleaning solution utilization. The microprocessor controls all machine functions including the dryer, ultrasonic head, and the dual timers.

Retail Price $3795.00 Contact me for best price. 


  • Four wash/rinse stations
  • 8 ounce (.25 liter) cup size
  • Ultrasonic timer
  • Dryer timer
  • Variable speed dryer 200-1000 RPM
  • Variable temperature dryer.
  • Audible alert when cycle is finished.
  • User selectable language (English, Spanish, French, German)
  • External jack for 24 VDC ventilating fan
  • Dual ball bearing dryer
  • Brushless dryer motor for long life
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Four line digital display
  • Available in 120 and 240 volt for worldwide operation.
  • 16” wide 10” deep X 6” high (41 cm X 26 cm X 15 cm)
  • Weight: 16 pounds (7 kg)

Preciso 47

You can buy the Lititz Preciso 47 from me and it is a companion product to the Diver 125. After pressure testing, the watch is heated to precisly 47 C. A drop of room temperature water is placed on the crystal. If no moisture is noted on the inside of the crystal, the watch is deemed not to have leaked.Plug the power supply into an AC source between 100 and 240 volts. Plug the output of the power supply into the back of the Preciso 47. Turn on the Preciso 47 with the switch located on the front left hand side of the panel.  

The red LED will glow indicating the unit has power. The Preciso 47 is factory calibrated to 47° C (117° F) however the user may change the temperature by inserting a 2 mm watchmaker's screwdriver in the calibration hole on the bottom of the tester and rotating the trimpot.The Preciso is also perfect for drying watches and bracelets after cleaning.

  • Weight: 2.5 pounds = 1.14 kg

  • Size: 4½ x 4½ (115 mm x 115 mm) x 2¼" (57 mm) high

  • Input power: 100-240 VAC 1 amp UL/CE listed
  • Temperatures: Factory calibrated to 47° C (117° F)

  • User calibratable from 27° C (81° F) to 70° C (158° F)

  • Time to Operating Temperature: 1 minute

  • Temperature tolerance: +/- 1° C (2° F)


The Diablo vacuum leak detector functions by drawing a vacuum over the watch. The operator watches for bubbles to exit the watch which shows the location of the leak. The Diablo is powered by a 9V battery or 100- 240 VAC UL/CE listed power supply.

Retail price is $1250. Contact me for to get best price.


  • All Corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless construction
  • Durable industrial grade components
  • 100-240 VAC operation with 5 international adapter.
  • Battery operation for countertop use. Battery life estimated at 60 tests
  • Easy to use
  • Made in USA

Here is a letter to the factory from a happy customer and its so spot on about how great the Diablo is that I have to put it here.

Dear John, I’ve been meaning to write you for a while about the “Diablo” water resistance tester I purchased about 8 months ago.It has transformed itself into an indispensable tool that is used almost daily. It’s been performing flawlessly, finding not just catastrophic but also extremely small leaks, and it has been working on the same 9V battery since new. I believe there is no need whatsoever for the electrical connection supplied. I’ve used it on more than 200 watches and the battery still has plenty of power. Now, the thing that I now know could not do without, is that the “Diablo” will show me if a watch is (or isn’t) water resistant in 8 seconds flat (most of the times in 5 seconds). This tester is simply fantastic. It weights nothing, it has a powerful motor, it can be moved anywhere you want with ease, bring it to the counter to test a watch in front of its owner, and absolutely no need to carry electrical wire. This is one of the best investments I’ve made on tools and it has been making my life much easier. Thank you thank you thank you! Dario Iglesias, CW21

Estrella 5

You can buy the Lititz Estrella 5 from me it is a revolutionary hand setting tool. It is CNC machined from a billet of high strength aluminum. There are NO adjustments for alignment as it is a solid one-piece design. It features 5 stations for the most commonly used "runners". The Estrella 5 is designed for 5mm pushers supplied by Omega or another manufacturer of your choice.The optional rotating base allows for friction-free rotating of the base. The the optional base includes bearings, and all hardware for installation.

  • One piece billet aluminum construction
  • Five runner design
  • Light weight
  • 4" (10 cm) High, 4" (10 cm) Diameter
  • Optional rotating base
  • 3.2 mm pins to match Omega movement holders.
  • Availability 3/2012
  • Optional rotating base available separately 
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